Future Present

Future Present

Logline: You discover you are genetically modified. Your shelf life is 27 years. Tomorrow is your 28th birthday.

Theme: Love and truth can hurt.

ANGIE HOWELL (27) is jogging, trying to work out very disturbing questions.

She remembers growing up: solving complex equations in university; head of class, receiving honors; riding horse; bowing as star in plays; performing recitals; dates with successful young men; magazine articles about her career in researching brain trauma.

She recalls that morning when her older brother Danny, mentally disabled, runs in hysterically from a scratch. She heals his scratch by tracing her finger across the cut. Danny doesn’t think everyone can do that.

Back on her jog, she remembers entering the BioGen building where her father and fiancé WILL BRADLEY work as well.

Will and Angie inadvertently discover that she is monitored by one of the devices in his lab. They piece together the possibility that the monitor inside her was placed there when she was ten years old. She hacks into the computer files to unravel the truth: She is an experiment about to expire.

The end of her jog, she sits by a tree and sends a video message to her father.

The message reveals the cover-up and how the wealthy use the company to further their experiments in life-lengthening and augmentation experiments. All test subjects have a shelf-life to protect the product. Angie shows her father how to find the files she hacked. He now has the ammunition to inform the proper agencies regarding human genetic modification. He realizes through the website that he is being watched, sees us and destroys the camera.

The purpose, style and intention of Future Present

The final version will not be linear. The scenes are shards of memory that Angie is trying to assemble as she jogs through the park track, eventually to sit beneath a tree and accept her fate. The final version will show her taking the pieces and shifting them (as molecules perhaps) to form the realization that BioGen is at fault. When the truth is finally accepted she sends the message to her father.

When her father plays her final message he destroys the image- our ability to watch.

We will workshop with the actors and creative team to develop dramatic and emotionally authentic action and dialogue. The special effects will explore the visual concept of memory, molecular structure and human evolution.

What I hope to learn: maximizing fluidity in camera movement; smart-phone video; interior and exterior special effects.

Timing, pacing and direction all should leave the audience asking important questions:

  • What is it to be human?
  • What are the ethics of genetic manipulation in humans?
  • How thought-provoking can a film be?

Proposed timeline:


May: Workshop with actors, design lab

June – July: Storyboard

July: Research and develop special effects

Aug: Rehearsals, set building, consult with DP, lighting


Sept: Shoot


Oct – Dec: Editing, sound design, scoring, grading

November: Showing


Writer/Director: Victor Spiegel


http://vimeo.com/73378473               Dreaming Abraham (short film)

http://vimeo.com/35359704               Full Moon Over Faulconbridge Trailer

http://vimeo.com/36398567             LoveDotCom Trailer (writer/director)

http://youtu.be/AiCkZ4K_LOs               Dolls feature film score

http://youtu.be/hke_aPCrwIk             Ben Gunn (music video) directed


Website: www.vspiegel.com

Production company website: www.9crows.com.au

Music samples: www.soundcloud.com/victor-spiegel