Dreaming Abraham

Dreaming Abraham Poster

Dreaming Abraham Poster

What would happen if Abraham, Isaac, Hagar and Ishmael came to dinner- and Jesus showed up, too? This is a short film with echoes of The Ten Commandments meeting Everybody Loves Raymond.What can we do about people killing and torturing others for what they believe? Well, laughter can be healing. Dreaming Abraham’s purpose is to nurture tolerance. How can we stop religious wars, hatred and terrorism? Laughter. Perhaps it seems counter-intuitive, but for me the best way to defuse confrontations and over-zealous beliefs are to tell a story. A funny story. When we can laugh at ourselves reflection sometimes sneaks through. And perhaps a change in behavior may follow. In the short film Dreaming Abraham we observe a long-awaited dinner with Abraham and his immediate family – Sarah and Isaac. The once-expelled Hagar and Ishmael return after several thousand years. Will they reconcile or will things get worse? Old jealousies and resentments never disappear quickly. The kids fight, the women argue, Jesus enters and puts everyone on edge. Towards the end, Isaac has an idea. His game of Religionopoly brings most of the family together as they remember how to play.

The History: When Abraham realised the interconnectedness of everything he destroyed his father’s idols provoking a showdown with the then current ‘belief police’. His new vision of Unity rippled out from the Middle East and into the rest of the world. Abraham married Sarah. Her handmaiden, Hagar, bore his first child, Ishmael. Later, Sarah bore a second son, Isaac. Sarah and Hagar had difficulties getting along. When the kids were teens, Sarah was fed up with Hagar’s arrogance. To keep the peace, God permitted Abraham to banish Hagar and Ishmael into the desert beginning the now-called Arab nations. God tested Abraham’s love by instructing him to sacrifice Isaac. At the last moment an animal was substituted. Isaac was promised as the founder of the Jewish nations. We know that belief systems have not gone well since then. What if they all came home? Let’s dream for a moment – Dreaming Abraham.

Victor Spiegel – writer, director, composer, editor.

Scripts available on request.