Links to albums and movies


The Magic Horse with Narration, sound effects, songs and music:

The Secrets of a Strange Cloud ā€“ Documentary:

Solo Piano Album: Remembrance

Solo Piano Album: Offerings

Solo Piano Album: In Site

Theatre Score (soundtrack) for Angels in America

Soundtrack for feature film Dolls

Guided Visualization for healing albums: Skeletal, Organ, Muscle

Sufi Zikr recording:

Relaxation music: Waves Beneath, The View

Scores (soundtrack) for The Tempest: Steampunked!

Solo Piano Album: evocation

Original Songs Album: Totem: Horses of Life

Original Songs Album: Little Ditties

World Music Jazz Trio Album: Darvish

Film Scores

Short film I wrote, directed, edited and scored:

Dreaming Abraham:

As actor in Bliss n Eso’s trailer: