Magic Horse Goals

Magic Horse Goals
1. As in Serge Prokofiev’s music story Peter and the Wolf, I have employed clear and simple themes to identify the character, place or action,
2. As an imagination propellant for young people to excite them about possibilities and choices,
3. To use diverse genres and styles of music (also known as the ‘buckshot approach’) to frame the story engaging young people at the widest listening level,
4. To tell a story that is open-ended, in other words, yes, the whole thing is a metaphor but you have to decide what it is about,
5. A quintessential success would be to perform The Magic Horse with orchestra, a famous actor as the story teller, jazz ensemble and excellent cast and puppets.
6. As a touring theatre to schools, with workshops on:
a. Songwriting
b. Theme construction
c. Improvisation
d. Instant Musicals
7. As an introduction to the orchestra and music.