Magic Horse – Production

The Production
We move from the reality of a corporate office to a fantasy when the wooden horse leaps out the window. This can be accomplished various ways: through
Puppets – held, oversize, etc. Animation
Projected Backdrops/slides/video Masks
Digital media (iPad, interactive version) Intermedia

Possible media venues

There are twenty-five songs, none longer than five minutes. Performance will last approximately one hour and a half. Target audience: children 5-12.
01. Intro: Storyteller
02. We’re Weller: Ensemble
03. Why Not Me?: Daniel
04. Woodcarver: Stanley & Woodcarver
05. Inventors: Ensemble
06. Woodcarver Presents: Stanley, Woodcarver & Daniel
07. Flying- part 1: Daniel
08. Good of All: Stanley & Ensemble
09. I’m A Question Mark: Daniel
10. Flying- part 2: Daniel
11. Who Are You?: Arianna & Daniel
12. Love Song: Arianna & Daniel
13. The Big City: Daniel
14. Magic Horse Blues: Daniel
15. Malice in the Palace: King Kahhar & Daniel
16. Sea of Sand: Daniel
17. I’m A Monster: Daniel
18. Sage: Storyteller
19. I’m the Prince: Prince West
20. He’s A Monster: Courtier & Daniel
21. Wedding: Priest, Daniel & Arianna
22. May I Take the Horse?: Arianna & King Kahhar
23. We’re Done Here: Prince West
24. Flying Home: Arianna & Daniel
25. Finale: Storyteller & Ensemble

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